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Top Five Tips for Taking Photographs of Dog Necklaces

I have seen so many amazing photographs on Instagram of adorable puppies and kitties wearing our handmade beaded dog necklaces. These photos are always so impressive to me because I know that small accessories can be challenging, especially if you are new to pet fashion photography. So, for those who are just getting started with their AGY dog necklace collection, and even for our pros who would like a refresher, here are my top five tips for taking amazing photos of your pet wearing AGY accessories:

Tip #1: Use the AGY Extension When Taking Photos

AGY dog necklaces are made approximately 2 inches larger than your pet's neck size, and come with a 2-inch extension chain. The AGY design includes this flexibility so your pet can wear the necklace tighter as a collar style for regular day wear, or it can be dropped down further on your pet for special occasions (like photo day!).

A red beaded dog necklace with a strawberry silicone bead.
Check out that extension chain!

When photographing your pet, we always recommend that you drop the necklace as far down as practical using the extender so it can be clearly seen in photos.

See the difference between the first photo (not using the extension chain), and the second photo (using the full length of the extension chain)?

Bonus Tip: If you want your necklace to sit even further down for photos, or you have an extra fluffy pup, purchase an extra extender to add two more inches of length to any necklace.

Tip #2: Use Contrasting Bandanas and Tees.

Now that you have your dog necklace and it is the right size, its time to layer it with a beautiful bandana or tee! When choosing a coordinating outfit to showcase your necklace, we recommend that you choose an outfit with a color palette that is distinct from the color of your necklace. For example, we love to pair bold colored necklaces with light patterned bandanas, and lighter colored necklaces with darker bandanas.

See the difference when you pair a light colored necklace with a light colored bandana vs. selecting a necklace in a contrasting color? While both are beautiful, the necklace in the second one is definitely the star.

Yorkie wearing a beaded dog necklace sitting on a cushion.
Check out how the gold in Bailey's necklace pops right off the photo!

Note: By the way, its not wrong to match the color of your necklace with the color of your bandana or tee, your necklace may just be a beautiful compliment rather than the star in that particular photo (and that's ok too!).

Tip #3: Get a Clear Picture of Your Necklace

Now, the hard part -- getting a clear shot of your necklace. For those who use DSLR cameras in a manual or semi-manual mode, it is very important to set your camera to a larger aperture when trying to get more detail out of your pup's outfit. I personally set my aperture to 14. If you go too low, your photo will become more of a portrait style where your pet's face is clear (if that is your point of focus), and everything around your pet's face, including their amazing new accessory, is softened.

Note: There are multiple things to consider when using a DSLR camera, but this is one setting that I find makes a big difference when it comes to the detail of a photo.

Check out this portrait style I took of Bailey awhile back. See how everything around her is softened?

If you love a portrait style of your pet, no worries! Another great way to display your pet's new necklace is to take a close up of your pet's necklace with your phone. I love to see IG accounts where the first photo is a fun body shot of the pet, and the second is a close up of just the necklace.

Check out this amazing example from @teddybearocas! Love the close-up details!

Have a pup that won't sit still? Read our articles on focal methods and how to train you dog to sit.

Tip #4: Accept the Challenge of Getting Your Pet's Name to Show in the Picture.

At AGY, we offer lots of customization options, including adding your pet's name in letter beads to a necklace or to a resin pet tag. However, these items can be even more challenging to photograph. I have so many amazing photos of my pups where the beads are twisted or the tag is facing backwards.

To try and avoid this, I recommend doing a quick final touch to check these items. After my pup is situated, I do a quick press of each letter bead with my finger to make sure they are laying flat, and I hold the tag in place until it quits moving. Now, sometimes I have to do this multiple times because I have a puppy who wants to play, but patience is definitely a requirement in dog photography, and this is just a fun challenge (most days...LOL). Check out a couple of bloopers from out last photo shoot where Bailey's name was not showing:

To help with pet tags getting twisted, AGY also offers its tags on a lobster claw rather than a traditional swivel tag. Once the tag is clasped to the necklace, it will not turn, therefore making taking pictures much easier! Be sure and check out this option the next time you purchase an AGY tag!

Yorkie wearing a beaded dog necklace and resin pet tag.