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Shopping for Your Dog at Walt Disney World

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Walt Disney World has been a big part of my adult life. While I loved Disney as a child, especially the Lady and the Tramp movie (go figure, right?), I did not actually get to visit Disney World for the first time until my late twenties.

It was truly a magical moment the first time I went to Disney. In fact, I still vividly remember driving under the Walt Disney World sign for the first time and squealing with delight to finally be there. That first day, I literally ran from ride to ride with my Mickey Ears on soaking up every moment. I ate too many treats, watched parades and fireworks, and witnessed one of the most heat warming meet and greets between a child and Mickey Mouse. I have loved it ever since.

My husband and I have used Disney to mark both celebrations and trials in life. It has acted as a refuge from storms, both literally (thank you Tropical Storm Harvey) and figuratively, and has served as a destination to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and career promotions. It is our second home. I believe it is good for the soul for each of us to have a destination of refuge, whether it is near or far.

Our September 2020 Visit

Our Disney has changed over the years and certainly looks different today thanks to masks and social distancing, but I am happy to report, it is still a wonderful and safe place to visit. My husband and I were blessed with a few days at the parks last week and thoroughly enjoyed our time there, especially at the International Food and Wine Festival in Epcot (hello chocolate cake pops and Dom Perignon).

The Pups and Disney

While the pups do not get to join us at Walt Disney World, they have been able to enjoy a substantial amount of Disney merchandise over the years. Pictured below are my first two pups, Daisy (the Dachshund) and Sophie (the Maltese), receiving t-shirts, Minnie ears, and princess hats after my first visit to Walt Disney World.

Over the years, Disney Tails merchandise (and my photography) have both improved. I just love the sweet t-shirt and harness selection for pups now!