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Our Top Five Dog Gift Ideas for 2020

If you are like me, you may be starting a list of everyone you plan on buying gifts for this holiday season, and if you really are like me, that list also includes your dogs. To help you find that special gift, A Girl's Yorkie has curated a list of unique dog gift ideas perfect for Christmas Day.

Elevated Fashion

Pineapple Paw Prints Bandanas and Bows

If you have followed A Girl's Yorkie on Instagram for awhile, you likely recognize this boutique name as I am obsessed with Pineapple Paw Prints. In my opinion, they are designing some of the trendiest dog bandanas on the market.

A bandana (with matching bow or bow tie) from Pineapple Paw Prints is a great dog gift idea for any fashionista because the fabrics this shop chooses are not your ordinary fabrics. You can choose from velvet, suede, sherpa, corduroy, flannel, or tweed (most with or without fringe). With such a stunning list of fabrics to choose from you are certain to have a very special holiday dog gift this year.

Bandana prices range from $18 - $22 with bows ranging from $6 - $12

Discount Code Available: AGY15 to save 15%

So many options!!

Pop Pup Shop Bandanas and Bows

While I love to support small businesses, I also love the big fashion houses - Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Gucci, etc. So when these two worlds collide, like it does at Pop Pup Shop, that makes me happy. Pop Pup Shop offers an elite collection where you can buy dog bandanas and bows, as well as matching human accessories, that are inspired by our favorite high end fashion stores. Who doesn't want to wrap their dog up in Luis Vuitton and Burberry?

Elite bandanas are $21 with elite dog bows and human accessories ranging from $5 to $15

Discount Code Available: AGY10 to save 10%

Dog wearing high end bandana and bow for dog Christmas gift ideas
How about a little Louis Vuitton Inspiration?
Dog mom and dog wearing matching hair bow and bandanas for dog gift ideas
Or some Burberry style?

Check Out Our Other Dog Accessory Partners

I follow so many brilliant small businesses specializing in dog accessories on Instagram and feature several of them on our website. I love the style and uniqueness that each one brings to my dogs' wardrobe, and I highly encourage you to check all of them out here for more unique dog gift ideas!


Ruff Gems Dog Tags

I love this shop so much it has made both of my holiday gift lists this year (see it again on our list of top gifts for dog moms). Ruff Gems is a new shop that is putting out fabulous high-end dog tags that are pure elegance for your dog's collar. Each dog tag contains crystals or gemstones that are not only beautiful, but are also known for their potential healing and energy benefits.

I love personalized dog gift ideas, and this product checks this box as most dog tags are customizable with numerous options for hardware, gemstones, and font style. No one dog tag is alike!

Dog Tags starting at $20

Discount Code Available: AGYGEM10 to save 10%