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Let's Fly! A Vacation Packing Checklist for Your Pup

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

When I brought Bailey home, one thing I was adamant about doing was getting her comfortable with traveling. Before she was one, Bailey had traveled to North Carolina, Virginia, and Oregon. She is an excellent travel companion. She is calm at the airport (as long as she is can see me), and makes herself comfortable at hotels!

dog and mom walking down the street in Charleston, North Carolina
Strolling down the streets in Charleston, North Carolina

dog and mom traveling in Alexandria, Virginia
Shopping in the historic downtown of Alexandria, Virginia

mom and dog picking up breakfast in Portland, Oregon
Picking up some breakfast in Portland, Oregon

Bailey checking out the bed at our hotel room!

And Then There Were Two...

Now that we have Bentley, we are learning how to travel with two dogs, and things sometimes feel a little more complicated. So, in preparation for our upcoming trip to Napa Valley California, I prepared a checklist to ensure I pack everything that we will need for the pups on our trip, and have shared this in an easy printable PDF format for you to use for your upcoming trips.


At the Airport

  • Dog Carrier - Ensure that it meets the specifications of your particular airline carrier. You can verify this by visiting your airline's website and searching for its in-cabin pet policy.

  • Vet Records - Some airlines require vaccination records, while others do not. I always make sure I at least have an electronic copy of our pups' rabies records in case there are any questions (note: I once had to get ahold of my vet at 7:30 am because United required a copy of our vet records; luckily our vet answered and immediately emailed us the records we needed so we did not miss our flight).

  • Emotional Support or Service Animal Documentation - If you are traveling with an ESA or service animal, be sure and check with your airline carrier to ensure you are bringing all of the required documentation.

General Essentials

  • Leash, harness and/or collar with tags

  • Travel Water Bottle - Makes it easy to ensure your pups are hydrated!

  • Travel Food Bowl - I like to bring a set of collapsible bowls, but most hotels will also provide stainless steel bowls for you, and often you can take them home!

  • Favorite Kibble - I portion out daily kibble in small reusable ziplock bags.

  • Favorite Treats - I also pack multiple type of treats in one reusable ziplock bags to give my pups variety, but still preserve space in the luggage.

  • Soft Dog Food

  • Medication - This includes daily medication as well as prescription or natural remedies for anxiety.

For Comfort

  • Favorite Toys - I like to bring a few of Bailey's favorite soft toys for her to play with in the hotel room. Her squeaky penguin, named "Wheezy" is a must.

  • Chew Toys - I have a super chewer miniature dachshund, so a few good bones are essential when we travel.

  • Blankets /Bedding - I always at least bring a small travel quilt that is familiar to them to roll around on and snuggle in.

For the Camera

  • Bandanas, Bows, and Tees - The pups always have to look their best!

  • Camera - Don't want to miss out on prime photo opportunities!

And finally, of course, don't forget your pup and have a great time traveling with them! I have some of the best memories traveling with my two dogs! They love to explore new cities and they never mind sleeping in a strange hotel room as long as you are there spending time with them!

Have you traveled with your pup? If so, leave a comment below or catch me on Instagram to let me know where you and your pup have traveled to!

Much puppy love,


dog and mom in Napa Valley
Bentley and me in Napa Valley, CA

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