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How to Make an Easy Floral Letter

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

My husband and I used to have a small Italian restaurant that we could walk to from our home to enjoy a fine Italian meal and a bottle of wine. It was a favorite for us, and was our Thursday spot for a long time. We went so often that we got to know the owners and manager of the restaurant, and even had "our table" - which was a corner booth next to a lattice wall filled with silk flowers. I absolutely loved that spot.

When recently looking for ideas to start decorating a wall in my craft room, I stumbled upon large floral nursery letters. These letters reminded me of my favorite Italian booth, so I decided I would just have to make my own floral wall arrangement with the letters "AGY" for A Girl's Yorkie, of course!

At first, I thought this project looked slightly intimidating, but all of the supplies are readily available at your local craft store or on Amazon, and it ended up taking less than two hours from set up to wall hanging. It was that easy!!

Three floral letters "AGY" hanging on a wall.

Materials Required to Make a Floral Letter

  • 1 Package of Floral Foam Blocks (I used 6 foam blocks for this project)

  • Silk Flowers of Your Choice (10-15 buds for the letters and flowers shown in this project)

  • Knife/Box Cutter

  • Large Papier Mache Cardboard Letter(s)

  • Hot Glue Gun

  • Command Picture Hanging Strips

Supplies required for floral letter project including cardboard letters, silk flowers, and foam blocks.

How to Make a Floral Letter

Prepare the Silk Flowers

  • Prepare your silk flowers by cutting off the long stems of each flower, leaving only the flower head with a little stem to allow you to stick it into the foam. Set your flowers to the side.

Wire cutters and silk flowers required for floral letter project.

Prepare the Cardboard Letters:

  • Using a box cutter, carefully cut around the edges of your large cardboard letter.

  • Remove the front of the letter and any cardboard enforcements to reveal a hollow letter.

Semi cut out cardboard letter.

Fully cut out cardboard letter for floral letter project.

Insert the Foam Blocks into the Cardboard Letters

  • Using a knife, cut your foam blocks into smaller blocks that are small enough to fit inside the hollow cardboard letter. My foam blocks were all different sizes and shapes - whatever I needed to squish into the cardboard letter worked for me. Remember - no one will see this part, so it does not have to be pretty.

  • Once you have your foam blocks arranged in your letter, hot glue each one down. I was very generous with my glue - picking each foam block back out so I could glue the bottom of each and then gluing it to the side walls of the letter as well.

foam blocks placed inside a cardboard letter.
Don't worry about how it looks - as long as the foam is secure you are good to go!

Insert Your Flowers into the Foam

  • Take your silk flowers and begin sticking them into the foam. Continue placing your flowers into the foam until you are happy with the look.

  • Take your hot glue gun and glue each flower to the foam for extra reinforcement. (Based on my design, I also spread out some of the petals and glued the petal portion straight to the foam to ensure that all of the green foam was completely covered. You could also use a smaller accent flower to fill in any green foam spaces.)

Silk flowers being placed in foam blocks inside cardboard letters.