How to Make an Amazing Dog Birthday Cake From a Mix

Updated: Aug 10

If you are like me, sentimental about your pup's birthday every year, but a busy dog mom and an absolute procrastinator, I have a fun and quick semi-homemade solution for your pup's birthday cake this year. Bentley's birthday always comes at such a busy time for our family. It is right in the middle of Summer and we are often on our way to vacation, or just getting back. Either way, I usually am not in the mindset to make a dog-friendly birthday cake from scratch. So, this year, I opted for a quick and easy dog birthday cake mix.

I just recently discovered a small shop called the Pet Gourmet through our Barkbox subscription that sells chew sticks my dogs absolutely devour on a daily basis. When I was restocking their beef and pumpkin chew sticks a couple months ago (total yum, right?!?), I saw that they also offered a dog birthday cake mix for $6.99 that includes both the cake and the frosting mix. Without hesitation I clicked and added it to my cart. A dog birthday cake mix with sprinkles for only $6.99? Yes, please!

Ingredients to make dog birthday cake from dog birthday cake mix