How to Make an Amazing Dog Birthday Cake From a Mix

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

If you are like me, sentimental about your pup's birthday every year, but a busy dog mom and an absolute procrastinator, I have a fun and quick semi-homemade solution for your pup's birthday cake this year. Bentley's birthday always comes at such a busy time for our family. It is right in the middle of Summer and we are often on our way to vacation, or just getting back. Either way, I usually am not in the mindset to make a dog-friendly birthday cake from scratch. So, this year, I opted for a quick and easy dog birthday cake mix.

I just recently discovered a small shop called the Pet Gourmet through our Barkbox subscription that sells chew sticks my dogs absolutely devour on a daily basis. When I was restocking their beef and pumpkin chew sticks a couple months ago (total yum, right?!?), I saw that they also offered a dog birthday cake mix for $6.99 that includes both the cake and the frosting mix. Without hesitation I clicked and added it to my cart. A dog birthday cake mix with sprinkles for only $6.99? Yes, please!

Ingredients to make dog birthday cake from dog birthday cake mix

How to Make the Dog Birthday Cake

The Pet Gourmet Cake Mix includes easy instructions to follow, but here is how I adapted the Pet Gourmet's cake mix recipe to make a unique birthday cake for my special boy.

1. Following the instructions on the cake mix, I combined the dry ingredients and water in a bowl.

Dog Birthday Cake Mixture and Water being stirred.

2. Instead of a small cake dish, I opted for muffin tins. So, using a standard size 12 count muffin tin, I poured the mixture into six greased muffin tins.

3. Because I used a muffin tin pan, I set my oven to cook at the recommended temperature, but for only 20 minutes, which is the standard time I use for most cupcake recipes.

4. I pulled the muffins out of the oven and inserted a toothpick to confirm that the muffins baked all the way through.

5. Then, I set the muffin pan on a rack and let the cakes cool for about 15 minutes.

6. While the muffins were cooling, I prepared the icing. I opted to mix plain yogurt rather than water with the icing powder mix as Bentley loves yogurt.

Frosting from dog birthday cake mix being stirred.
Do you see the birthday sprinkles?

7. I then set aside the icing until the muffins were fully cooled and ready to be decorated.

How to Decorate Your Dog's Birthday Cake

As far as cake decorations go, I generally like to use edible items that my pups love. In this case I chose blueberries for a fun pop of color and twisted rawhide chews (his favorite!). I cut the top of each muffin so that I could stack the cakes in a fun tiered manner, and then used the round tops at the base (no waste of cake here!).

Dog Birthday muffins stacked ready for frosting.

I then spread the icing across all the tiered cakes and sprinkled the blueberries around the base of the cake. I cut two rawhide twists in half and secured them between the muffin cakes just for fun!

Finished Homemade Dog Birthday Cake
Don't forget the birthday candle!

The result? One happy birthday boy!

Of course, don't forget to buy your special pup a birthday present!

Happy dog eating homemade dog birthday cake with yogurt icing.

Happy dog licking birthday cake icing.
What a smile!

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