How to Make a DIY Necklace Holder

Updated: Aug 10

As I completed all of the designs for our AGY Couture dog necklace line, I realized I really needed (or at least really wanted) a wall mounted necklace holder to better organize and display all of Bailey’s new beautiful beaded dog necklaces.

While you can certainly purchase wall mounted jewelry holders, I figured I could save money by making one on my own. However, with the shop’s opening right around the corner, I knew I did not have time to build my own necklace holder completely from scratch, so I decided to take the “semi homemade” route instead.

Here is how I repurposed a shelf that I found at my local craft store to make a DIY necklace wall hanger.

Materials Required for DIY Necklace Holder

Step-by-Step Instructions for How to Make a DIY Necklace Holder

Materials and Tools

1 Small Pre-Fabricated Wooden Shelf