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How to Make a DIY Necklace Holder

Updated: May 1

As I completed all of the designs for our AGY Couture dog necklace line, I realized I really needed (or at least really wanted) a wall mounted necklace holder to better organize and display all of Bailey’s new beautiful beaded dog necklaces.

While you can certainly purchase wall mounted jewelry holders, I figured I could save money by making one on my own. However, with the shop’s opening right around the corner, I knew I did not have time to build my own necklace holder completely from scratch, so I decided to take the “semi homemade” route instead.

Here is how I repurposed a shelf that I found at my local craft store to make a DIY necklace wall hanger.

Materials Required for DIY Necklace Holder

Step-by-Step Instructions for How to Make a DIY Necklace Holder

Materials and Tools

1 Small Pre-Fabricated Wooden Shelf

4 Brass Plated Screw-In Cup Hooks (7/8 to 1-1/2 inches)

1 Decorative Wall Hook with 2 Matching Screws

1 Electric Drill

Materials Required for DIY Jewelry Holder


Step 1: Turn over the Wooden Shelf so that it is upside down. Decide where you want to screw in the 4 cup hooks and mark those four spots with a pencil.

Step 2: Attach an appropriate sized drill bit in your electric drill and drill out four small holes in the places you marked.

Repurposing Shelf by Drilling Holes in DIY Necklace Holder

Step 3: Screw in each cup hook by hand.

Adding Hooks to Old Shelf for DIY Jewelry Holder
Adding Hooks to Old Shelf for DIY Jewelry Holder

Step 4: Flip the wooden shelf so that the front of the shelf is facing you. Place the decorative metal wall hook in the center of the shelf. Holding the metal wall hook in place, drill the screws into the two designated holes in the front of the hook.

Drilling Decorative Hook on Shelf for DIY Necklace Holder

Step 5: Hang your new necklace holder on the wall, add your necklaces, and decorate!