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Easy DIY Dog Paw Print Wreath

Updated: May 1

I don't know about you, but I love to search Pinterest for DIY ideas. Recently, when I was perusing Pinterest I came across several wreaths for sale that were in the shape of dog paw prints. These wreaths were handmade and most were priced from $60-$80. I thought to myself, these are beautiful, but I can totally make this myself at half the cost with just a few materials and a spare afternoon. So, that is what I did, and I am here to show you and all my fellow dog lovers out there that this is a simple and quick DIY wreath that you can do at home too.

Let's all turn our front doors into beautiful tributes to our dogs (the heartbeat of our homes) with this beautiful dog paw print wreath!

Materials for Dog Paw Wreath

  1. One 10-Inch Grapevine Wreath

  2. Four 5-Inch Grapevine Wreaths (Note: You may actually need eight 5-inch wreaths if you want to make the width of these wreaths thicker to match the width of the 10-inch wreath - see below video on assembling paw pads for further detail on this)

  3. Wreath Wire and/or Thin Floral Wire in colors that blend in with the materials of your wreath

  4. Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

  5. Scissors

  6. Wire Cutters

  7. Decorations of Choice (Wreath Ribbon, Small Signs, Wood Lettering, Silk Flowers, etc.)

That's it! These DIY wreath items are inexpensive and easy to find at your local craft store.

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Watch our dog paw wreath tutorial to get a closer look at the materials we used for our wreath.

How to Make a Dog Paw Wreath

  • Lay all of your wreaths flat on a table. Arrange the four 5-inch wreaths on the top of the 10-inch wreath to form the shape of a dog paw pad.

Optional: If you purchased eight 5-inch wreaths like I did for this tutorial, stack two 5-inch wreaths together to form one digital paw pad. Secure the wreaths together with floral wire by wrapping approximately 4 inches of wire at the base of the wreaths. Use a hot glue gun to secure the tops of the paw pads together by applying glue at a few spots where the wreaths touch. (See below video for further details on this step.)

  • Cut four 15-inch pieces of wreath wire. Wrap one wire around the base of the first 5-inch wreath and the top of the 10-inch wreath to secure the first digital paw pad into place. Repeat three additional times with the remaining 5-inch wreaths until all digital paw pads are secure on top. Add hot glue to the four wire ties for extra security.

Watch our below dog paw wreath tutorial for step-by-step instructions on how to attach the digital paw pads to the center 10-inch wreath.

  • Add your decorations! In this DIY wreath guide, a lightweight sign, bows and silk flowers were added using thin floral wire to secure the decorations to the wreath. Once all items were tied with wire, hot glue was applied as additional security.

Watch our dog paw wreath tutorial for step-by-step instructions on how to attach your decorations to the wreath.

Optional: Add a hangar to the back of the wreath by taking a 4-inch piece of wreath wire, wrapping it through the back of the wreath in the top center. Push the wire through the wreath and twist the two ends together to form a loop. Apply hot glue to secure it.

Your Completed Dog Paw Prints Wreath

That's it! This DIY dog paw wreath is easy to make, and provides such a beautiful statement piece for your door.

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