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Easy DIY Coffee Bar

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

At our house we LOVE coffee and we LOVE our dogs. So, I set out to create a dog friendly in home coffee bar where the whole family can hang out in the mornings.

Here is the breakdown of how I put together this coffee bar/dog hangout in one Saturday afternoon with decor that I already had in my home.

Easy DIY Coffee Bar at home with dog

How to Create an Easy DIY Coffee Bar with Storage

For the base of the coffee bar, I chose a side table with drawers that I had previously purchased from Wayfair that matches my home decor. I then relocated my Nespresso machine and milk frother to its new location (freeing up valuable kitchen counter space!). I chose to place the machine to the left directly above a wall plug. I then placed a large decorative basket with a coffee mug quilt I made on the bottom shelf to cover up the wall outlet.

To give it a slight rustic barista look, I added a small distressed wooden shelf that I had purchased from Hobby Lobby and previously repurposed by adding metal hangers. The metal hangers are wide enough to hold some of our favorite decorative coffee mugs.

Inside the drawers, I added Nespresso pods, coffee mugs, and other coffee accessories to truly make this a one-stop spot for us in the morning.

How to Include a Dog Hangout with Your New Home Coffee Bar

As a dog mom, it is important to me that every place in our home includes a spot for our dogs, and and our new coffee bar is no exception. Throughout the coffee bar you will find little dog tributes and functional dog supplies including:

  • A dachshund statute on the top shelf;

  • Dog bowls for easy access;

  • A vintage dachshund bottle opener; and

  • Two containers with a variety of dog treats for the pups to enjoy.

Statute of dachshund as part of decor of at home coffee station

Dog treat jars used as home decor in coffee bar station.

I also wanted the pups to have a soft spot to sit while mom and dad make their coffee in the morning. So, I placed one of their beds next to the coffee bar and decorated it with a soft throw and dog pillow.

And just to make sure it is clear - this spot is reserved for the pups (no cats allowed :)).

Dogs in dog bead with sign that says "Reserved for the Pups".

Include Handmade Decorative Wall Signs to the Decor of Your Coffee Bar

I love scouring Pinterest for home decor ideas, but I always like to include my own twist. For this set up, I made my own dog-inspired decal signs using a Cricut machine. Love these signs, but don't have a Cricut machine? You can buy AGY dog-inspired signs in the new home decor section of our shop!

Dog treat jars next to sign that says "Coffee and puppy kisses".

Dog in dog bed next to coffee bar with sign that says "Reserved for the Pups".

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