A Dog Birthday Cake Recipe - So Simple!

Updated: Aug 10

We love to celebrate our dogs' birthdays! Each birthday always includes a special treat like gourmet dog biscuits from our local dog bakery, pup ice cream, or a tower constructed entirely of dog bones. This year, I decided I would make Bailey a very special dog birthday cake from scratch inspired by her love for muffins.

Often on the weekends, I will sit at the breakfast table drinking coffee and eating a muffin. Bailey always wants a bite of my muffin and occasionally she wins even though they are not the best things for her to eat. So, I decided that for her birthday I would make her a strawberry muffin cake that I knew she would love, and leave me feeling guilt-free.

Bonus: For those with dogs who hate peanut butter, this is a dog birthday cake recipe without peanut butter!

Recipe for Dog Birthday Cake Easy: A strawberry dog birthday cake recipe no peanut butter.

Bailey's Strawberry Muffin Cake

A Dog Birthday Cake Recipe with Icing