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Easy Dog Costumes for Halloween

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Every year at the start of October, I begin searching the internet for fresh ideas for my dogs' Halloween costumes. My pups are great sports and will let me put them in almost any type of costume. However, every dog is different and while some will tolerate hats, glasses, and capes, others will barely let you tie a bandana around their neck. With this in mind, I have collected ideas for a variety of pet-friendly costume options that will stand out at Halloween, but will also keep your pet comfortable, and for those that love a good DIY project I have provided a list of DIY costume ideas at the end of this blog.

Traditional Costumes

Full Dog Halloween Costumes

I personally love this category, and have been very fortunate that all of my pets have always tolerated a full costume (at least temporarily). If you are in the market for spending $15-$30 on a costume, you can find tons of "made for pet" Halloween costumes at your local pop-up Halloween shop, Party City, Amazon, PetSmart, or Petco. Each year these stores put out some pretty funny costumes that look so cute on pets.

Last year, I dressed Bentley up as a taco. Isn't he the cutest?

Dog in taco Halloween costume
Not into spending money on a costume, but still looking for unique ideas? Scroll down to the bottom of this blog to see some fun DIY costumes.

Amazon of course is an easy place to grab a quick costume for your pup. Check out our Amazon shop to see some of our favorite Halloween costumes this year.

Fun Dog Hats for Halloween

For those with dogs who will tolerate hats, I love this option for Halloween as you can easily find made-for-dog caps, toboggans, and animal head dresses (think lion manes). One of my favorite head pieces that I have is a set of Yoda ears. I think these are hilarious.

dog in Star Wars halloween costume

Of course if you have a larger dog, you can easily throw on one of your hats for an awesome Halloween photo shoot! Alternatively, for those with smaller dogs, you can sometimes alter a hat to make it work or use a child's headpiece. Personally, I have become very good at reshaping Mickey Ears to fit on my dogs' heads.

Dog wearing Halloween costume with Mickey Ears
Reshape a pair of Mickey ears by using scotch tape to attach the two ends of the headband together.

Dog Halloween Tutus

Tutus are always an option as well. Not all pups love this because of the bulk in the back, but if you find one or make one that fits your dog well, this can be so cute. Just make sure your dog can freely walk and run in it without tripping over the tutu fabric.

Check out Pineapple Pawprints,one of our favorite shops, offering Halloween bandanas and matching tutus this year (use code AGY15 to save 15%).

dog in halloween tutu

Dog Halloween Bandanas and Tees

There are some pets that will just not tolerate anything more than a bandana, bow, or tee, and that is ok. These pups just appreciate comfort and functionality. Luckily there are tons of Etsy shops and other small shops online that provide super fun Halloween prints for bandanas and bows.

Check out some of my favorite small shops that sell Halloween accessories each year!

You can also usually find lightweight cotton Halloween tees and dresses at your local pet store. Check out a couple that I have picked up in past years.

dog in halloween shirt

dog in halloween shirt

Glow-in-the-Dark Dog Accessories

Adding a glow-in-the-dark bandana, necklace, or collar charm are also fun options and help keep your dog safe during Halloween trick-or-treating. We are loving the glow-in-the-dark bandanas offered at MirVi Boutique this year (use code AGY10 to save 10%), or you can shop glow-in-the-dark necklaces and collar charms at our shop!

Dog Wearing Halloween Bandana that glows in the dark
Glow-in-the-Dark Bandana

Spooky Necklaces for Dogs

We love adding a necklace to any of our dog's outfits and Halloween is such a fun time to add really cool necklaces! Check out our entire collection of Fall and Halloween necklaces.