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How to Create an At Home Photography Studio

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Last week, I finally decided that I would begin to transform our "home gym" into a fabulous dog photography studio! A photography studio can sound fancy and out of reach, but with a little planning it can be very simple to get started.

For Those Tight on Space

For several years, my husband and I lived in a variety of apartments around Houston. During this time, I started to become more serious about photography as Bailey's Instagram account was picking up. I had photographed her in every spot of our two bedroom apartment and around the neighborhood and was ready to set up studio to provide more photo options. The problem was that we were very limited on space.

No Space for a Photography Studio!

So, I went to Amazon for help...

and purchased a photography kit. It contains a background support system, three different color backdrops, two soft box lights, and two umbrella lights.

This set up was perfect for an apartment!

(1) The setup and take down process is quick and easy, requiring no special tools; and

(2) Everything that you see here fits in one travel bag so you can assemble it anywhere in your apartment and then store it back in the bag when you are done.

This was perfect for the apartment!

For Those With Some Extra Space

So, now we are in a suburban home with a bit more room. I have been assembling my photography backdrop and lights when needed and putting everything back up as I have always done, but I recently realized that I could finally create that studio I have always wanted (and no longer assemble/disassemble equipment).

Thus begins my studio renovation...

In deciding where to put the studio, I chose a room in the back of our house that was under utilized, but had excellent natural light through a good part of the day. Our "gym" was perfect for this purpose. This is what the home gym looked like prior to the start of the renovation:

Home gym/yoga/dance studio

And here is the start of the transformation!

Click below for a 360 view!

I hope that you find some inspiration from my journey to set up your own photography space at home! Once you have your setup ready to go, check out our dog photography tips for new photographers, and visit our photography page for more information on in-home studios and pet fashion photography.

Much love to my puppy fashionista photographers!

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