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CBD for Your Anxious Dog...Is it Right for Your Pet?

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Let's talk CBD for dogs and whether it actually works to treat dog anxiety. First things first. I am not a veterinarian, so before adding CBD or any other supplement to your pet's diet, I recommend that you do your own research and consult with your veterinarian.

That being said, I am excited to help you in your research by sharing my personal experiences with pet CBD and specifically discussing my three go-to pet CBD products. First, let's talk about CBD in general, and why I turned to this all-natural remedy for dog anxiety.

What is CBD?

"CBD or cannabidiol, is a compound found in cannabis and hemp." Acording to the American Kennel Club's Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Jerry Klein, "it is essential to note that in most cases, CBD oil does not contain delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound that gives marijuana its psychoactive properties. In fact, most CBD products are derived from hemp and not from marijuana." CBD Oil for Dogs: What You Need to Know, In other words, CBD oil is not designed to get your pet "high".

Dog Anxiety

I have a puppy who routinely experiences anxiety. Bailey, my yorkie, was diagnosed with anxiety by her vet when she was very young and given prescription medication to help calm her down in anxious environments. As instructed by my veterinarian, I administered the medication, but I quickly realized that this product was not right for her. While it certainly calmed her down, it made her incredibly zombie-like where she would sleep for hours.

While I wanted my puppy to be able to cope in stressful environments, I did not want her to become a zombie. So, I decided I could not continue to give her this prescription medication. However, I knew that I could not ignore her anxiety. As such I turned to an all-natural solution - CBD.

Below are three products that I administer on a regular basis to both Bailey and Bentley as part of their wellness routine to provide anxiety and stress support.


1. Petals and Tails CBD Calming Peanut Butter

My first go-to product is Petals and Tails CBD Calming Peanut Butter. This is a great product for owners who want to administer CBD to their pets, but are unsure about using an oil formula with a dropper. I do not know a dog who can say no to peanut butter, and Bailey is no exception. When I give this product to her she will happily lick this off my finger or a spoon.

How I administer this product: I give Bailey her CBD peanut butter 30 minutes to an hour before we are about to enter into a potentially stressful situation (e.g., we are going to the vet, we are visiting friends where there are large crowds and/or other dogs, a storm is brewing, or fireworks are imminent). In my personal experience, within 30 minutes of administering a small dosage of CBD to Bailey, she is able to calm down. She might take a brief 20-30 minute nap, but aside from that, her activity and alertness levels remain normal. I have even noticed that if I am late in administering the CBD product to her and she is already exhibiting signs of anxiety, such as incessant panting or pacing, she stops once the product takes affect.

Based on Bailey's weight (9.5 lbs), I only give her 1/8th of a tablespoon. I always believe in giving the lowest dosage necessary to receive the desired effect, and this dosage works great for Bailey. While Bailey will take this product from a spoon or my finger (or directly from the jar if I am not looking), my absolute favorite way to administer this product is to stick my finger into the peanut butter container and dab a bit on the top of her nose. She immediately licks it off and we are good to go. Check out the video below to see how I administer this product to Bailey.

2. Zen Dogs and Cool Cats CBD Oil

The second product that I keep in my dogs' wellness cabinet is Zen Dogs and Cool Cats CBD Oil as Bentley, my miniature dachshund, loves the flavor of this product.

How I administer this product: While Bentley does not struggle with anxiety as much as Bailey, he does still occasionally face stressful situations as dachshunds are notorious for shying away from crowds and disliking loud noises such as ringing doorbells, thunder, and fireworks.

Bentley receives 1 ml (one dropper) of CBD oil 30 minutes to an hour before a stressful event may occur (e.g, the local weather shows a major storm will be coming through). When I administer this product, Bentley will take it straight from the dropper, licking up every drop (if your pet will not take CBD oil directly from the dropper, I recommend squirting the oil directly onto their favorite soft food). As with Bailey, he may take a quick 20-30 minute nap after the product takes affect, but will quickly abandon his nap if I am doing something of interest to him.

Check out the video below to see how Bentley takes his CBD oil!

Dog taking Pet CBD Oil

3. Petals and Tails Exotic Orchid CBD Balm with Honey

Finally, another one of my favorite products is Petal and Tails Orchid CBD Balm. This product has so many benefits, such as treating hot spots, dry skin, and rashes. However, my particular favorite way to use this product is on Bailey's paw pads. Bailey loves to run outside and play fetch. She can play for hours! Because we have a large amount of concrete in our backyard surrounding our pool, her paw pads can become rough from a full day of running and fetching her ball.

How I administer this product: In the evening, I love to flop Bailey on her back onto a cushion and treat her paw pads with this balm. I apply a little to my fingers and massage each of her paws. It smells great, goes on easy, and softens her paw pads. Click on the below video to see how I use this product!

Pet CBD Balm for hot spots and rashes

In Conclusion

Petals and Tails has lots of information on the health benefits of CBD and I highly recommend that you check out their blog. If you have any questions about using the above products with your dog, please send me an email. I would love to chat further about the benefits of CBD and help you find the right product for your dog.

If you would like to try out any of the above products, use code AGY15 to save 15% at Petals and Tails or code YORKIE10 to save 10% at Zen Dogs and Cool Cats.

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