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Piper & Emi's Style Guide


Piper Grace is a 3.5 years old, 11 lb toy goldendoodle that will do any trick for bananas - they are her fave!  When she is not in front of the camera modeling, she can be found on mommy's lap.  She is a total love bug and shadows her mommy wherever she goes. 

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Emi Claire is a 10 month old parti color teacup goldendoodle weighing 7.5 lbs. She is tiny but mighty and known as the little firecracker of the family because she is so feisty.  She loves to play, is always happy, loves her toys and loves the boys - her brother and her dad are her faves.  Even though she is the wild child, she loves to model and is really such a good girl.

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"I love it all!!!  The piece I utilize the most is probably the gold leopard necklace - I prefer the chunky beads.  My new favorite thing is the bow charms - mommy bought me all the colors"

- Piper

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"I love the matte beads and have several colors - it's fun to layer them and add charms too!"

- Emi 


Piper & Emi wear size XS necklaces.

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