We are so excited to have you returning for our 2022 Holiday/2023 Winter Term at AGY!

As a reminder, we request that each ambassador and model truly love and frequently support AGY in their feed and stories on Instagram using the hashtag #agirlsyorkie and/or tagging @agirlsyorkie.  In exchange for the discount code and perks of being an AGY ambassador or model, we request that everyone:

  • Share promos, new releases, box reveals, etc to your stories at least once a week.

  • Share pictures/reels of your dog wearing AGY necklaces to your feed at least 3 times per month displaying your personal code, tagging @agirlsyorkie, and/or using the hashtag #agirlsyorkie.

  • Display your follower discount code in your bio or story highlights.


Each term we want to improve our program to make it better for our amazing team!  If you are willing, we would love to hear from you on the below questions.

Thank you so much!
Crystal, Bailey, Bentley, and Chloe

Returning Team Feedback

Thank you!