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Lulu's Style Guide


Lulu is a 6 yr old Pekingese rescue. She loves sitting by the window and being on Paw Patrol keeping mommy safe from UPS,Fed Ex, Amazon and especially the mailman 😉 She’s my spoiled sweetheart and we are so blessed to have her in our lives. She truly is living her best life. She LOVES modeling and the poses she does all come from her - she goes into her Photo Booth on her own and starts posing! Her favorite guilty pleasure is sneaking a tiny piece of Pizza 🍕(she even knows the name Pizza!) She is loving with lots of Pekeatude!

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"We love the Large Beaded Necklaces like the Evening Gown Necklace , The Pistachio, Fairy Dust, Rose Garden, Lilac Fields and Sugared Candy and of course Classic Pearls are some of her favorites . Lulu loves the bigger beads because she’s a double coated dog and they show up very nicely and don’t get lost in her fur."


Lulu has a 12 inch neck and wears a size Small necklace.

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