Dog Treat Recipes and Wellness

Creating a Beautiful Wellness Routine for Your Dog

Every good wellness routine includes thoughtfulness around food, supplements, and grooming. Scroll down to see our favorite dog treat recipes and learn more about the supplements and grooming products we use at A Girl's Yorkie. 

Dog Treat Recipes

Try some of our favorite all-natural dog treat recipes for your pup's next snack or special occassion!


We believe that happy, healthy dogs are beautiful.  Bailey and Bentley's wellness routine includes good nutrition and vitamins like Finn skin and coat supplements and natural ingredients such as hemp found in Petals and Tails CBD products.

A Girl's Yorkie only recommends products that are included in Bailey and Bentley's routine wellness care.  We are proud to recommend Finn Supplements and Petals and Tails CBD products as they are both loved by our dogs and produce real results.



Shop here for a variety of supplements including multi-vitamins, skin and joint supplements, and calming aids.

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Petals and Tails

Petals and Tails has expertly infused CBD in a host of products including peanut butter, balms, and shampoos.  Read our review here

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Find Out More About Petals and Tails CBD Products and How Hemp Oil Can Help Your Pet Live the Best Life
How can Hemp Oil Help Your Pet?

Hemp extract has been shown to help pets who have anxiety, stress, pain, nausea, fear (of thunder, fireworks ect.), separation anxiety, epilepsy, arthritis, inflammation, allergies, rashes and glaucoma.

What is Hemp?

Hemp is a plant that comes from the cannabis species. Many people associate it with the compound "THC" which is found in marijuana plants and gives a "high." This is not the case, Hemp extract is non-psychoactive and is still in its' early stages of research, but has been able to show incredible health benefits for pets with no side-effects!

"What is Hemp?  Is CBD good for your pet?", Petals and Tails 


For our busy lifestyle, we do utilize a mobile groomer who comes to our house every two weeks to bathe and groom Bailey and Bentley.  However, even with such a strict grooming schedule, we still work to maintain a good hygienic routine at home between grooming sessions.  Besides shampoo, our primary grooming products include:

- Ear Cleaner

- Dental Water Additive

- Tear Stain Cleaner

- Dry Shampoo

- Dog Wipes

- Paw Pad Softener

We focus on using all-natural grooming products that are effective, like products from Get Pampered Pups.