We are so excited to have you on the 2021 Summer Model Term at AGY Couture!

Our goal at AGY Couture is to provide affordable jewelry and accessories that are both beautiful and functional for boy and girl pups of all sizes.  We even love to accessorize our favorite dog moms!

We request that each model truly love and frequently support AGY Couture in their feed and stories on Instagram using the hashtag #agycouture and tagging @agirlsyorkie, and absolutely adore it when models show off their fabulous new pieces styled with accessories from other women owned businesses.

Our Summer model term runs from June 1st to September 30th and we do maintain a group chat on Instagram to keep everyone up-to-date on the newest releases and to support each other.  If all of this sounds great to you and you are able to commit to supporting AGY Couture during this time period, please fill out the below form so we can get this party started!

Welcome to the Team!

Much Puppy Love,
Crystal, Bailey, & Bentley

Summer 2021 Model Form  
This season we are featuring @pawstanfurballs tutus/bandanas with @agirlsyorkie necklaces. Would you be interested in also modeling for @pawstanfurballs?

Yay! Let's Get This Party Started!