It all started with a girl's yorkie.  My name is Crystal, and I am a self-taught pet fashion photographer.  I initially started A Girl's Yorkie (@agirlsyorkie) on Instagram as a creative outlet to share my yorkie's fashion pictures with the amazing Instagram dog community.


Over time, I began to receive questions about my photography techniques and the dog fashion accessories that I showcased on Instagram, so I expanded AGY to its own website where I could share photography tips, small shop fashion discounts, pet-friendly projects, and fun dog lifestyle articles.

Most recently, we added a dog accessory boutique to AGY featuring fashionable handmade necklaces, collar charms, and dog tags.  Our goal is to deliver unique accessories that are not only beautiful, but also functional and affordable.


I am humbled at how AGY has grown since I first opened an Instagram account five years ago with my yorkie.  Of course, along the way, my family grew as well to not only include Bailey, my yorkie, but also a long-haired miniature dachshund named Bentley, and a maltipoo named Chloe. 

So, while I will never forget that AGY started with a girl's yorkie, I am thrilled that AGY has grown into a community for all pet-lovers (whether you own a small dog, big dog, or even a cat) to learn, be inspired, and discover new fashion accessories.   

Stay Stylish My Furry Friends,


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