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AGY Ambassador & Model Program

Welcome to the AGY Team!  

Please read our FAQs below to learn more about our Model and Ambassador programs!



  • How often are models required to post?  As a model, we expect you to post a photo/video of your pet wearing an AGY product at least 3 times per month.  Please tag @agirlsyorkie and use the hashtag #MyAGYStyle.  Models are also expected to share at least one AGY story each week.

  • How often do you release new products?  We release new accessory lines, in various sizes, approximately once a month.

  • Am I required to purchase from every collection?  No.  We only want you to purchase when you find a piece that you love.

  • Can I still promote necklaces, charms, and hair bows from other shops on my Instagram account?  Absolutely!  We do not expect you to exclusively wear AGY (unless you prefer to be exclusive to AGY - which we will not argue with :))

  • Can I include clothing and accessories from other shops in my photos with AGY?  Yes!  We love seeing your creativity in how you pair AGY accessories with other shop clothing.

  • Do models get early access to shop?  Yes!  We always provide a date and time for models to shop early.  Because we are a boutique, some items are extremely limited in quantity, so be ready at the start of model early access.​

  • Will you combine orders? If you make a purchase, and decide to add on with a second purchase; so long as we have not ordered the mailing label for your package, we will hold the first order until the second one is completed and ship it together.  We will refund you for the second shipping cost at the time of shipping.  Alternatively, you can DM AGY and we will invoice your for the additional order to allow you to avoid paying shipping twice.​​​​

  • How long does it take to ship orders?  We strive to ship orders within one week of ordering, but at the time of new releases, it can take up to three weeks to ship all model orders.  

  • Do you participate in collabs?  We routinely participate in collaborations with other small shops to highlight the work of other women entrepreneurs.  We also love hearing your ideas, and routinely incorporate model ideas in our lines.  If you have an idea for product, please let us know!

  • Do you sell custom jewelry?  We have limited the number of custom necklaces offered to the public due to time constraints.  However, we still offer some custom options to models.  If you have a necklace you would like designed for your dog, DM AGY to discuss.  Necklaces that use in stock beads can be made upon ordering.  Necklaces that require beads/charms to be ordered may be delayed until AGY's next purchasing date to keep the shop's shipping expenses down.

  • Will AGY be a sponsor in my giveaway?  At this time we are limiting the number of giveaways we participate in.

  • Will AGY make a birthday necklace for me and my friends?  Yes, but we must have 1-2 months notice of your birthday celebration to provide sufficient time for design, material procurement, and promotion.  Birthday designs are a collaboration between you and AGY and many designs differ widely depending on your style and birthday theme.

Features on AGY

  • Do you want me to send pictures of my pet to AGY?  Yes!  As a model, we ask that you routinely send us photos of your pet prominently wearing AGY jewelry to be used online and in our promotion materials.  When submitting photos to us, you agree that AGY may use these photos for commercial purposes, including, but not limited to, publishing your photos on our website, Instagram account, and promotional materials (such as emails and mail fliers) with or without photo credit.

  • What are the requirements to be featured on AGY's website and Instagram account?  To be featured, the following requirements must be met:

    • A clear photo prominently showcasing the AGY product (please do not use portrait mode as this often causes the accessories to blur)​.

    • A light, bright background that is not distracting to the product.

    • Only AGY necklaces, bracelets and charms are in the photo.  (You may include any pet clothing, bandanas, tutus, hair bows, etc.  We just cannot post photos on our website or account with other shop necklaces, bracelets and charms because these products are too similar to products that we sell which causes confusion to customers).

  • What else do you consider when choosing feature photos?​  For a better chance to be featured we recommend taking photos as soon as you receive your new package and sending them to us early while we are still actively promoting our newest line.  We also tend to choose photos displaying products that are still in stock.    

  • Do you host twinning posts?  Yes!  About once a month, we select a theme and ask our team to send pictures to us wearing AGY jewelry to go with the theme.  In these photos we ask that no necklaces and charms from other shops be in the photo.  AGY will advertise the twinning date 1-2 weeks prior to the twinning in our model chat group sand will send reminders as the date approaches to ensure maximum participation.  Twinning is not mandatory, but highly encouraged.

Smile Rewards Programs

​We solely reward our AGY team through our Smile Rewards Program.  This program allows us to distribute points to team members electronically that you can convert into dollars to save on future purchases.

  • How do I earn free products as a model through the Smile Rewards Program?  Each time someone uses your personal follower code, you will receive a 5% commission in Smile Reward Points.  For example, if someone uses your code and spends $50, they will receive 250 reward points, and you will also receive 250 points which equals $2.50 in reward dollars (5% of $50).  Each time your code is used, you will receive a message through Instagram notifying you that you have had a code use and reward points will be added to your account.

  • How do I start receiving reward points?  First, you will need to create an account with AGY.  You can do this by logging in.  The log in button is at the top right hand corner.  Follow the prompts to create an account.  From there, you will automatically be enrolled in our reward program.  You will receive points for your own personal shopping and from those who use your code.  When you are shopping, be sure to be logged in so that you receive points for your purchases.

  • How can I see my rewards?  You can check your rewards at any time by clicking the purple icon located at the bottom left of the screen.


  • How do I redeem my rewards?  When you are ready to redeem your rewards, navigate to the purple icon and click on the button that says "ways to redeem".  Then click the button that says "redeem".  Adjust the slider for the number of points you want to redeem (100 points =$1), and click redeem.  You will then receive a special code.  Click the button that says "copy the code" and paste the code in the promo section at checkout (you will also receive an email with your code).

  • Can I combine a reward code and my model discount code?  Only on model shop nights when AGY discounts the entire store automatically allowing you to use your rewards code in the promo field.  At any other time, you will be required to choose either your reward points or your model discount code due to limitations of our website platform where only one discount code can be applied.  If you wish to purchase multiple items at that time, and would like to use your 25% discount on the remaining items, we recommend completing two sales transactions and we will refund you for the second shipping.  Alternatively, you can contact AGY directly through DM to receive an invoice for the additional products to avoid the second shipping charge.

  • Is there a limit on how many points I can convert to dollars for a purchase?  Yes.  You can only convert up to $30 worth of points for any single transaction.

  • Do my points every expire?  YES - Points earned expire six (6) months after the date earned. So, be sure to keep up with your points!


AGY Model Shop Days

Four times each term, AGY hosts a "model shop" day for new releases providing the AGY team with early access to new products before they are available to the public.  On these days, models and ambassadors enjoy additional benefits when shopping, such as larger discounts and free shipping.  See our chart at the bottom of this page to view a summary of all model shop benefits by group.

  • How do Model Shop days work?  AGY will announce the upcoming model shop day approximately one week in advance.  The Model shop opens to each group at different times throughout the day (note: these times are approximate and subject to change per release):

    • Gold Ambassadors are given access at 11:00 am CT.​

    • Silver Ambassadors are given access at 4:00 pm CT.

    • Models are given access at 6:00 pm CT.

  • What if I cannot make my designated shopping time?  Please contact AGY prior to the model shop day to discuss alternative shopping times.

  • How does the free shipping benefit work on Model Shop days?  Gold Ambassadors enjoy free shipping on all purchases from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm CT (during their first access period).  After 4:00 pm, orders will only qualify for free domestic shipping on orders over $50.  This benefit lasts until midnight.  Afterwards, orders will need to meet our standard $75 to qualify for free shipping.

  • Will you ship internationally for free on Model Shop days?  Unfortunately, we cannot offer free international shipping on Model Shop days, but we will reduce the cost of international shipping to $12.50 on for Gold Ambassadors during the first access period.  

Our Model and Ambassador Programs

  • How Can I become an Ambassador for AGY?  After the completion of your first model term, you may become eligible to serve as an ambassador for your next term based on the amount of sales you generated in your first term.  At this time, we are pleased to offer two Ambassador levels: (1) Silver Ambassador for those with personal/follower sales of over $100 during their term (exclusive of taxes, shipping, and discounts); and (2) Gold Ambassador for those with personal/follower sales of over $300 during their term (exclusive of taxes, shipping, and discounts).  At AGY's discretion, we may move models to the Ambassador program earlier through the first term depending on available capacity.

  • What are the benefits of the Ambassador program versus the Model Program?  While subject to change each term, the current benefits for our Ambassadors and Models for the Spring 2023 term are as follows:​

    • Gold Ambassador Benefits:​

      • 25% off all products purchased.

      • Free shipping on domestic orders during Gold Ambassador First Access shopping 

      • Personal Style Page

      • Bonus 3,000 Smile Reward points at the start of the term (equivalent to $30).

      • First access to new releases.

      • 15% commission through our Smile Rewards program for code uses (e.g., if someone spends $50 and uses your code, they will receive 250 points, but you will receive 750 points which equals $7.50 in reward dollars (15% of $50).

      • Exclusive Gold Ambassador Shop with products only made available to Gold Ambassadors.

      • Access to the Silver Ambassador Shop.

    • Silver Ambassador Benefits:​

      • 25% off all products purchased.

      • Reduced free shipping threshold for domestic orders on model shop days (minimum lowered from $75 to $50).

      • Bonus 1,000 Smile Reward points at the start of the term (equivalent to $10).

      • Priority access to new releases.

      • 10% commission through our Smile Rewards program for code uses (e.g., if someone spends $50 and uses your code, they will receive 250 points, but you will receive 500 points which equals $5.00 in reward dollars (10% of $50).  

      • Exclusive Silver Ambassador Shop with products only made available to Silver Ambassadors.​

    • Model Benefits:​

      • 25% off all products purchased (and 25% off on model shop days).

      • Reduced free shipping threshold on model shop days (minimum lowered from $75 to $50).

      • Early access to new releases.

      • 5% commission through our Smile Rewards program for code uses (e.g., if someone spends $50 and uses your code, they will receive 250 points, and you will also receive 250 points which equals $2.50 in reward dollars (5% of $50)

  • Once I Achieve an Ambassador Level, Will I Remain an Ambassador for All Future Terms?  No, to remain an Ambassador, you must hit your ambassador sales goals ($100 for Silver/$300 for Gold) each term.  

  • Can I combine sales from multiple terms to achieve Ambassador Level?  No, sales goals must be reached within each four month term.

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