Let's Be Friends!

Hello!  We are always looking to make new friends at AGY!  If you love our accessories, and want to share them across your social media platforms, we would love to partner with you!  

To Become An AGY Friend, simply fill out the below application, and we will notify you if your application is approved!  

Why Become a Friend of AGY?

  • Receive your own personal 15% off code to use on your purchases and to share with your followers.

  • Earn rewards on your total purchases AND a 5% commission on the purchases your followers who use your code make through our Smile Rewards Program. 

Friends of AGY Application
Check Which Social Meda Accounts You Have:

Thank You! We have received your application, and will be contacted if it is accepted.

Want to Earn Even More?  
Apply to Become an AGY Model During Our Next Search

  • We host a quarterly Instagram model search.  We encourage our Friends of AGY with active public US Instagram dog accounts to consider applying when the search is open!  AGY models enjoy additional benefits, including 20% off all accessories throughout their active terms, 5% commission on follower purchases, early access to new products, and an opportunity to become an AGY Ambassador (which comes with even more benefits).  

  • We have three model terms each year which run from February - May, June - September, and October -January.

  • Please follow our Instagram account @agirlsyorkie to receive notification of our next search!